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Chile Babe Dulceria

NEW Chuchara Jumbo Tamarindo (1 for $1.00)

NEW Chuchara Jumbo Tamarindo (1 for $1.00)

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1 x $1.00 

Natural tamarind fruit candy with salt and chili on a spoon 

Cuchara con dulce de tamarindo natural con sal y chile 

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Get to know us

Chile Babe Dulceria is a a first generation latina owned business, originated with the idea of cultivating a perfect mix of our Mexican-American roots. Our candies are dipped in our homemade signature sauce and homemade chile powder to create a sweet and spicy twist on your favorite candies. A perfect combination of sweet and heat that will keep you coming back for more. Shop our originals and stop by our dulceria collection to spice up your day with Chile Babe!